Thursday, November 24, 2011

Chance in Life

There's a good deed and bad deed
The apologize and forgiveness
The sadness and happyness

There's lived a chance..
Whose apologize for their mistake
And the happyness was born
For the second chance

By : Priscilla Tasya

Good Deeds Are The Truth

Pretty woman walk by
Just as sweet as you please
The kind of fashion model
With perfect face
But what do yours mean
Your beautiful skin
Your perfect body
They’re nothing without kindness
 Like wind in sky
Only blow peppermint  wind
Freeze your own soul
Even a little smile in pale lips
It might shine the sun out for others
Unlike your perfect appereance
Just tell lies
Anybody can fake their look
But kindness
Show us the truth of what you are 
 By: Rifandi Rahasanto

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An Honest Woodcutter

A poor woodcutter accidentally dropped his axe into the river. He was very upset, as he had no money to buy another axe.

Just then a fairy appeared in the river holding out a golden axe to him. "I found this axe in the river. Is this yours?"

"That's not mine", replied the woodcutter.

The fairy then brought out a silver axe. The woodcutter disowned this one too. Finally, the fairy held out a wooden axe.

Smiling with happiness, the woodcutter said, "That's mine. Thank you very much."

The fairy felt very happy seeing his honesty and said, "Such honesty deserves a reward." She gave the poor man all the three axes and disappeared.

The end...

By : Dimas Yunianto Putro

KIR's Birthday

On December 2010, Smansa’s scientific group of teenagers (KIR) celebrated their 27th birthday. To celebrate our birthday, I and others members of KIR made a social service event in an Islamic Orphanage in Bogor. 2 days before the event, we prepare all things that we can share with the orphanage children, such as food, money, and clothes. The event was held on Sunday. The event started at 09.00. First, we made some games for the orphanage children. The games is about a teamwork games. They had to work together to win the games. They were so happy when they played this game. After that, we watched movie together. It is a cartoon movie, because most of the orphanage children still study in Elementary school. Then, because we are from scientific group, so we made some simple and interesting experiment for them. They were so enthusiastic when we do the experiment and many of them want to try the experiment. After that, we had lunch together. During lunch, we were sharing each other, about their experience live in orphanage, about their hopes and what they want to be in the future. And I think, they still have a lot of curiosity, a lot of spirit to be success in future. Then, after sharing each other, we give them some foods and also some clothes. We hope that our gift will be useful for them. And after this event, I felt so gratefull to God who gave me a lot of things, who gave me more than I expected. And because of this event, I felt so happy because I and my friend could help the other people who are not as lucky as us.

By : Kevin W. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Good Deeds in Indonesia

Indonesia has numerous and various cultures, even though there are so many differences between one another but Indonesia still united. This thing could have been happen because of the togetherness that rises in every individual soul. With togetherness and respecting the difference between one another could create a harmonic life. Togetherness can be submitted as a good deed because based on good deed’s characteristic that gave advantages to us, and with togetherness we can guard against conflict.


Indonesia still professes the eastern culture. The eastern culture is well known with their well-mannered and the friendliness (actually not very different with the western culture). In Indonesia we can see in Javanese culture. The Javanese people usually acquainted with their well-mannered and high respect. There is one interesting behavior that Javanese people had, they usually getting ashamed. Why they are getting ashamed? They are getting ashamed if they did something wrong. After they did something wrong they will getting ashamed and felt sorry about it, they quickly apologize for what they have done. It is a good thing to get ashamed if we did something wrong so we tried our best not to do bad things and if we did something wrong we confess our fault and quickly apologize for what we have done. This behavior in the Javanese culture can be categorized as a good deed.

The example above is one of the Indonesian culture that though how to act in a good way. There are lots of Indonesian cultures that though about good deeds. Well, there must be something good in every culture in this world. Good deed is simple; if you just made up your bed in the morning it can be categorized as a good deed because it helps your mother and create a tidy environment. So, from now on try to do the good things that we can do and leave the bad things. Because our culture though us to act in a good way that can make ourselves and our country turns better each day and be respected.      

By : Kamila Edvani

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Smile Can Change Everything

In a city, there is a child who never know how to treat others well. He's rude, never thanked, not even friendly to the people around him. The boy named Calvin.


Then, there is a child who just move into Calvin’s school.The child is very special, she has difficulty in using her legs to walk, to run, and  to do other activities. This girl named Rose.
When Rose enter into the classroom and introduce herself to the students in the class, Calvin insulte from the corner of the class.
Hey! What's wrong with your leg? You definitely can not play with us haha. Why did you choose to school here? You better look for another school who has a student like you", said Calvin.

But Rose only smile as she head into the corner of the class, right next to Calvin. Calvin see her with a smile full of contempt.
Rose want to get acquainte with Calvin, but Calvin just keep
silent and singing.


"triiiing ... ... triiiiiiing triiing ...." the bell rang signaling the time
after school.

Calvin run to get home and without He know it, He hit Rose in difficulty clearing his school equipment. Without saying sorry, calvin still running.

"Awww ... hey boy! You hit me !!!!", said Rose.
"hhhh ... it is pointless to talk to the boy, he will not care about other people.", said Rose 
in her heart.

(in Calvin’s home)

"why do you always go home late? Sometimes you don’t even come home at all."
"I'm busy at work, a lot of work 
in the other city."
n’t lie to me! I know you've got another woman."

That is what always happen in the Calvin’s home every day. Parents who always fight in front of their child. And because of that Calvin become a child who never care about the surroundings.

If his parents are fighting, Calvin usually 
go somewhere. It can make him more relax and enjoy the rest of the day. That afternoon,Calvin go to the hill which is being fill by the beggars and homeless people who are lining up.
Out of curiosity, Calvin ask what is happening to someone who is
next to him.
are the beggars and the homelessdoing here, Sir?"
"Oh, there is a child who distributing food,
kid. She is a kid but she's happy to give something to the little people like us. Her name is Rose. What a beautiful name!", Said the old man.

Then Calvin recall to his new friend in class. But, Calvin just leave the crowd and begin to climb the tree. Calvin sit silent, looking at the beautiful scenery that soothes the eye.

When the crowd begin to quiet, Calvin’s eyes look at a girl who remind him of Rose. And it's really Rose!

and Calvin call her, "Roseee ...!!!! Roseee! what are you doing here?", Calvin down from the tree.
"Hey Calvin! I've just finished distributing food to those people. And what are you doing here?", Said Rose, trying to sit next to Calvin.
"Hmm ... I want to be alone."
"There is a problem, Vin?"
"What problem? Want to share your story with me?"
"All right. My parents are fighting."
"Oh. I’m sorry ... May I ask about something?
"Yes, please."
"Why you don’t care about the people around you?"
"What will I get if I do care about them?”
"You'll have plenty of friends so if you just a little more friendly."
"I do not need them.”
"Hm… But by doing good deeds will automatically make your heart feel better. You should try it first. If it is not convenient, you do not need to do it again. All you have to do is be yourself."
"Hm ... What should I do?", Calvin said with little enthusiasm.
"To do good thing? Quite a lot, Calvin. Starting from the simplest, for example, give a smile to someone.", Said Rose friendly.

"Fine, I'll try tomorrow. Now I'm going home, it's almost evening. With whom you come home?"
"With my driver. Okay, bye."

Then they return to their homes.


At school they meet with smiles on their faces. And ...Hey! Calvin begin to smile. Not only to Rose, but also to another friends.
Rose is very pleased to see changes to Calvin though he still looks stiff.

Other students begin to talk about Calvin with other students.
"Thankyou, Rose. A smile has changed my day. Thank you for your suggestion. Then what should I do?", Said Calvin to Rose.
"Begin to help friends who need your help. Do anything as long as it is good for others. Make the world is full of smiles.", Said Rose.

By : Roma Paulyna Siahaan